Dr. Ramon Seidler, EPA’s Lead Scientist (Retired) on Big Ag’s “Conflict of Interest”

Former Lead Scientist from The EPA who says now:

“These corporations have a clear conflict of interest when it comes to reducing the numbers and concentrations of chemicals on crops, because any such reduction has an immediate impact on their financial bottom line. There is also a clear conflict of interest when it comes to altering farm management to avoid insect and weed resistance if it results in using fewer chemicals.

Many of us are unaware that in addition to the ever-increasing spraying of glyphosate and the presence of genetically engineered insecticidal Bt toxin in every cell of every GE crop plant, massive amounts of other pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) are applied to genetically engineered food crops. The continuing massive overuse of pesticides – along with the failure to use refuge set-asides, the failure of GE corn to produce desired levels of Bt toxin and financial incentives for corn-on-corn planting cycles – have collectively resulted in the selection of pesticide-resistant weeds and insects, leading to ever more pesticide applications.”

Click here to get a pdf download of Dr. Ramon Seidler’s report:


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