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Shaka Movement’s Malama ‘Aina Show

Show #12   67min        
Madison and Chad, parents of Baby Arrow, Kauai’s Littlest Warrior in the Campaign Against Pesticide
Related Birth Defects explain what they’ve learned about pesticide exposure through the course of Arrow’s
birth and multiple surgeries and by connecting with other parents with similar stories.
9/16 9:00:11 pm     9/17 9:00:11 am     9/21 9:04:00 am   9/21 9:04:00 pm    9/29 5:21:07 pm

Show #11
SHAKA TV takes questions brought from the community by local businessperson Monique Dias. We discuss how the GMO Moratorium is NOT A FARM BAN BILL but rather a temporary stop on GMO crops and Pestcide tests until they prove they are not harming the people or the land.

9/15 12:00:00 pm     9/18 12:20:12 pm    9/25 8:01:55 pm    9/26 8:01:55 am     10/1 5:30:52 pm

Show #10   56 min        
How calling GMO Moratorium a Farm Ban Bill is a lie, why farmers who actually grow food on Maui need not worry,
and that the claims of massive jobs loss are also just not true. See maps of Maui communities that are at direct
risk from the heavy pesticde spraying going on here. + an exclusive video: Nahko Bear of Medicine for the People
9/11 8:32:07 pm     9/12 8:32:07 am     9/17 12:00:00 pm    9/23 8:01:00 pm    9/24 8:01:00 am

Show #9
Join Alika Atay, an Hawaiian Alii and Natural Farmer for an in depth look at alternatives to chemical based farming in Maui County and how GMO’s and industrial pesticide use is harming the land and people of Maui County, as well as the reputation of Maui as a source for natural and healthy products.

9/04 8:37 pm     9/05 8:37 am     9/09 5:59 pm   9/10 5:59 am    9/14 9:04 pm    9/15 9:04 am

Show #8
Guest: Dr. Tyrone Hayes.  Field practices for Genetic Engineered crops that include the public’s exposure to heavy and frequent spraying of chemicals. Also discussed are the strong-arm public relations tactics employed by the Agro-Chemical companies to dis-inform the public.

9/03 8:01 pm     9/04 8:01 am     9/08 12:00 pm   9/14 12:59 pm     9/18 8:01 pm    9/19 8:01 am

Show #7
Clifford Naeole, Hawaiian cultural adviser on how Maui’s tourism is affected by the islands becoming associated with GMO’s and
heavy pesticide use. And Dr. Romeo Quijano, University of the Philippines on the risks to farm workers and residents downwind of GMO fields.

9/02 3:04 pm     9/07 9:04 am    9/07 9:04 pm   9/11 3:24 pm   9/17 5:23 pm

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