What the Election Ballot will say…

Entire ballot in English ballot1202_EN

Entire ballot in Ilocano 1202_IL

We know the ballot question the County has chosen is difficult to follow.
Even so, the answer to the question is YES!

County of Maui – Proposed Amendment by Voter Initiative to the Maui County Code

MAUI: Voter Initiative: Genetically Engineered Organisms

Should the proposed initiative prohibiting the cultivation or reproduction of genetically engineered organisms within the County of Maui, which may be amended or repealed as to a specific person or entity when required environmental and public health impact studies, public hearings, a two thirds vote and a determination by the County Council that such operation or  practice meets certain standards, and which establishes civil and criminal penalties, be adopted for Maui County?

MAUI: Karbengan ti Botante nga Agisingasing: Dagiti Organismo nga Addaan iti Nabaliwan a Hene (Genetically Engineered Organisms)

Rumbeng kadi a ti singasing nga inisiatibo a mangiparit iti panagpatanor ken panagpaadu kadagiti organismo nga addaan iti nabaliwan a hene (genetically engineered organisms) iti sakup ti County ti Maui, a mabalin a maamendaran wenno maibabawi para iti maysa nga espesipiko a tao wenno entidad no la ketdi adda dagiti kasapulan a panagadal a mainaig iti aglawlaw ken iti salun-at dagiti umili, maangay dagiti pannakiinnuman kadagiti umili wenno public hearings, ken mapaadda ti dua-nga-apagkatloti botos ken ikeddeng ti Konseho ti County a daytoy nga aramid ket nagun-odda dagiti kasapulan a pagrukodan, ken ipatawna dagiti dusa a sibil ken kriminal kadagiti panagsalungasing, ket maadaptar para iti County ti Maui?

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