The Case Against GMOs: An Environmental Investor’s View of the Threat to our Global Food Systems – from Portfolio 21

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This is a tremendous, well written report on why GMOs are bad from Portfolio 21, which is an investment management group with about US$500 million mutual fund, and is based in Portland, Oregon.

I particularly like the explanation that their President, John Steur, gave for why they did this study:  “As we got into our background research, we read of an industry that bullied its critics, overwhelmed government regulators and used the global agricultural and food systems as a source of profits at the expense of many participants. It was disappointing, disturbing and even a little hard to believe. Then, we got a small taste of this treatment ourselves when we were denied permission to use certain data for our report that we had obtained from a pro-GMO public website.”  
Michael Hansen, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Consumers Union

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