Radio Spot: Kyle Nakanelua puts his voice to what we are all thinking:

Mahalo to Kyle Nakanelua for putting a voice to what we are all thinking:

You are being lied to by a group called  “Citizens Against the Farming Ban”
The GMO initiative asks for a temporary suspension of GMO crops while
health and environmental impact studies can be conducted.
There is no “farming ban.”
This initiative targets CHEMICAL companies, NOT farmers.
Our local farmers growing our food, even the sugar cane industry,  will NOT be affected.
To Monsanto and Dow: If you want to have a conversation about GMO crops in Maui,
by all means, let’s. But stop calling a suspension on GMO crops a “farming ban.”
Please stop using the local farmers who grow our food as pawns in your propaganda campaign.
The blatant lies of the “farming ban” campaign is one more example of why
this dishonest industry needs more oversight.   Please vote YES on the GMO initiative.

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