Lei’ohu Ryder Speaks for VOTE YES MAUI 60 Radio Spot

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Leiohu ryder radio rev1 web-desktop from Vote Yes Maui on Vimeo.

,Monsanto and Dow spent nearly 8 million dollars advertising lies about the gmo voter initiative,

How much more money went unreported? Into who’s pockets

The mayor says he’ll have to inspect everyone’s gardens and you’ll be jailed for growing gmo’s. Really?

Gmo seeds are not for sale at Wal-Mart, you need a contract with the chemical companies, special equipment and training.

There‘s no papaya police. And the chemical companies have to pay for everything, not taxpayers

The increasing use of chemicals that gmo crops require amounts to a war on


We’re all at risk to untested chemical overlap from two Corporations responsible for 189 superfund cleanup sites.

Heath conscious tourists are avoiding gmo’s. Why do you think Maui just lost the “number one island in the world” rating we’ve enjoyed for 20 years?

Don’t let their greed destroy Maui County.

Vote yes on the gmo initiative.

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