Marty Dread’s New Radio Spot for Vote Yes Maui

We gotta vote yes yes, on the GMO moratorium.

We gotta vote yes yes and dont believe their lies.

We gotta vote yes yes, on the GMO moratorium.

Help me make a stand. Defend this land!

Verse 1

I guess it’s time to set the record straight , we gotta stand up for this land, before its too late.

To tell you the time is now, go and register to vote. Let your voice be heard( vote yes) and help us to promote . This is not a war on the small family farm. We just need them to prove , they intend us no harm. But in our hearts we know they can’t prove it’s true . So they spread their propaganda , trying to confuse me and you…

Verse 2

I understand if you don’t want to be involved, but what more would it take to strengthen your resolve?

the future of this Aina is in our hands. Your vote ” yes” could stop them from poisoning this land! They spend millions spreading information that is wrong. All we have is this little song, won’t you help me sing along?!!!

Verse 3

Money ain’t everything , I just wish they could see, we can’t farm on spoiled lands , or fish from a poison sea. I heard somebody say ” nuff already” and those words are true, what’s left for the children when their dirty deeds are through? They will gather up their billions and blow this little town, leave contaminated water and unusable ground.




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