What We All Can Do

What must be done is a total transformation of how we treat our islands and it’s people. What must be done is the redevelopment of our agricultural fields through remediation practices that clean and revitalize the soils. We must grow crops in non-harmful ways and feed ourselves at a fraction of the cost with the healthiest food available to man.

There are two possible futures for Maui County. One with more and more chemicals infiltrating our lands and our lives and eventually contaminating us to becoming a Superfund Cleanup Site, or one with the most advanced natural means of food cultivation, feeding ourselves the best, most wholesome foods at a fraction of the cost that ultimately becomes an export to other islands and an example to the world that stimulates Eco-tourism.

In the coming months the industry will begin a very expensive campaign to discredit anyone’s concerns about their presence on the island. They will say just about every bad thing they can say about the moratorium, about us, the five citizens bringing for the moratorium and anyone who questions anything about their operations. They will slander, malign and attempt to shame everyone and everything.

They already have spent countless of thousands of dollars creating multiple television campaign commercials and offering focus group participants $100 dollars each for watching and giving feedback to their propaganda.

They will attempt to find any legal shenanigan they can to disrupt the momentum and fortitude of the citizens of Maui County. Be prepared for the attacks. Don’t take it personally. And attempt to shrug it off and stay focused on the real concerns no matter what.

The ways you can participate and counter what they do is:

  • Write letters to the newspapers

  • Help register people to vote

  • Put your personal testimony on the ShakaMovement.org website

  • Help distribute these talking points

  • Help distribute other educational materials

  • Help distribute yard signs

  • Help wave signs at our sign waving events

  • Talk to everyone you can about the truths of what is happening

  • Contribute financially by making a donation

  • Watch all the videos at ShakaMovement.org

  • Sign Shaka’s Email list to stay current with the latest information

  • Start growing your own garden

  • Post and share 2-3 times per week throughout all your social media

  • Volunteer wherever you can

  • Connect with and motivate every 18-30 year old person you know to participate

  • Celebrate knowing you are doing everything you can to protect the keiki and ‘aina for current and future generations.


The things to stay focused on are:

  • Worker & public health safety

  • Birth defects & health issues

  • Pesticide drift & fugitive dust

  • Untested chemical cocktails

  • Soil sterilization

  • Environmental Racism

  • Groundwater contamination

  • Chemical runoff into ocean/reef

  • Open-air field experimentation

  • Unintended genetic pollution

  • Cross-pollination gene transfer

  • Tourism Trade Protection


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